Hello & warm welcomes to Mama, Make, Repeat: A Curvy Sewing Blog from the gut. Touching on style, technique and honest conversations about body image perceptions. I'm Michelle Welch-Rivera. I sew, knit & mama a strong little girl with all of my heart. I'm a novice sewer who's been sewing on and off for about 13 years. It all started with a determination to wear things that reflected my style while rejecting the shapeless, burlap sacks available for "those kinds" of women.

First I was just altering thrift store clothes & eventually I began adjusting patterns to fit my larger body. After weight-loss surgery, giving birth to my daughter and a whole lot in-between I'm back, doing what I love: sewing & creating. I'm lucky enough have the guidance and inspiration of the amazing, creative souls that inhabit my new hometown: Nashville, Tn.

My Little Sewing Studio (in the corner of our dining room)

Honest Conversations

I believe that our culture's messages about a woman and her body are unrealistic and damaging. From clothing manufacturer's refusing to align themselves with the new normal to pattern companies offering large figure-hiding options. I'm hoping to start a conversation about individual women's bodies and the incredible souls that inhabit them.


I named my blog Mama, Make, Repeat because for better or worse, I am a mama and my life has drastically changed since the first signs of my little mermaid. I used to have a million hours a day to devote to my creativity and passions but now, well, I simply don't. It's taken me almost 2 years but I'm finally at a place where I know that feeding my creative heart is the only way to be true to me and the best mama I can be. Hence, mama, make, repeat. Yup, that about covers it.

Sewing has been a huge step on my road to self love and personal empowerment. Not to mention how it feeds my fiery, independent spirit. I hope to embody a spirit of fun, honesty and creativity. I hope you enjoy what I have to show you. Feel free to email me at anahatamichelle@gmail.com