Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Weekly Roundup 10/17/2014~

This is my very first Friday roundup, which will be a weekly feature on this blog. I find so much cool shit online every single day to actually post it all. So, I'll be sharing a weekly roundup every Friday on said cool shit. I was thinking about categorizing it but I realized that the titles really speak to the actual topics and there's really no need. If you're not interested in sewing I suggest you not click the link that says "10 amazing ways to sew things and be a cool sewer person". Yeah. Enjoy!

SEO and the Techno-Illiterate (Written for Authority Labs by none other than the clever husband)

Are Potatoes That Bad? I sure hope not. I've quit sugar but I still crave an epic baked potato

Amazing Mala Bracelets: Love Pray Jewelry

Reclaim Your Mind:

Have You Checked Out The Curvy Sewing Collective Yet?

Mmmm... I'm eating this at some point this week


  1. I really love the My Family Moved To Nashville For Nashville article. And I'm going to have to check out that Are Potatoes That Bad? link because epic baked potatoes are the BEST!

    1. Baked potatoes rule! There's no way something that good could be so bad. Also, if it is, I'm going to convince myself otherwise. Viva la sour cream & chives!