Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nothing To Hide Under~

I figured out a way to wear my renfrew top (first finished edition). And I'm feeling really clever about the whole thing.

So, how has your week been? Hmmm? Mine? Oh, well, I'm this close to posting a ranting vent about the woes of life. Then I remember that things could be a whole lot worse. I've always despised the concept of not sharing my true feelings about things because "they could always be worse", but I think it really applies in this situation. 

Stupid saturn sitting right down in the middle of my 8th house during a mercury retrograde just after a full moon eclipse in aries. Ugh, my "do" is in overdrive right now and the longer I sit, the angrier I get at myself and the less motivated I am to finish anything. I want to start things right now. Forget my loose ends and just move on. Jeremy is the first relationship I've been in that I've actually stuck with after things got hard. Could this have something to do with moving 20+ times since I was born? Maybe. Probably.

That's what this October is all about. Confronting those truths that have been shoved under a psychic rug since 2008. There's nothing to hide under right now. I've quit sugar, started walking daily, looked at the values we're instilling in Noelle's life and come face to face with the fact that stress is taking its toll on us. Sustainability via simplicity seems to be the answer. Also, being OK with the fact that change takes time and I can't simply become a whole new person over night which is really a relief and totally annoying at the same time.

We're sitting on some really big life-changing stuff right now. Of course, it's taking forever for anything planted to grow. I'm feeling really impatient about the whole thing. I really want to start our new life now (not later), not when it's right. I'm hoping the new moon on the 24th is going to be our time and we can start this whole thing off with a bang. Truthfully, I'm feeling hopeful, blessed, crawling out of my own skin and it doesn't help I've had a migraine since I stopped eating processed foods and sugar. Honestly though, I'm feeling a lot better than yesterday.

My sewing machine is said to arrive this afternoon and I couldn't be more thrilled to offer it a space in my mini studio. I honestly have no clue what to do with my old one. A part of me wants to donate it. Another part of me thinks no one should have to work with it. I'm thinking of shipping it to The Sewing Machine Project so someone else could utilize it, it's small but feisty. I also have a Mabel Collette Skirt pattern on the way and another Renfrew to attempt.

Keep your eyes open for the Friday roundup of my favorite links this week! And stay strong chickadees! It's tea/blogroll/sewing pattern browsing time up in here. At least until Noelle wakes up from her nap.

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